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Throw me out to sea
All I can remember thinking is "how did we end up here?" as I stared up at the too bright sky, letting the sun imprint itself into my vision, in the hopes that I'd be just blind enough to not have to see the look on your face when I finally got up the courage to tilt my eyes from the sky back to yours.
It felt like it had been decades since we met on this beach. Honestly, it felt like it had been centuries. I could barely remember what you smile first looked like, but I know it was so much bigger than it is now. The only thing I have left is the smell of laundry detergent on your fade t-shirts and the aftertaste of summer on your skin. I know that a love story is always so much better than reality, and I know that the beginning will always outshine the ending, but I thought I'd be able to handle things better than this.
I was blinking sun shaped dots out of my eyes, but I could still see the look of dismay on your face. Or bewilderment or disgust or maybe it was just confusion. I didn'
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 12 4
the last magic I believe in
It's been years and I'm still here. Recycling the same sentences. Stuck in the same words. Buried in a past that doesn't quite belong to me anymore. It's funny how with enough distance nothing ever looks real anymore. It's like the way I can stand four miles from the lakefront and can still see the horizon. Clashing blues and greens. A straight line of water against an even straighter line of sky. And that's it. It's everything and it's nothing and for a little while I can pretend I'm somewhere else. Somewhere new. That I can see an entire ocean sprawled out in front of me, instead of the dirty familiar waters of Lake Michigan. I've grown up here and I've grown apart from here, but I'm stuck at the top of the hill on the corner of the street that my sister lives on and I just want to run and run and run and never look back, but that's not all there is. That's not all that's left.
It's so much bigger than that so I trace the familiar roads back to my home and I sit in my living room and
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 37 6
an exercise in giving up
I don’t know what I’m doing in this place.
My bones ache to take me away – to take me anywhere but here. But my heart remembers this place and its beat is racing, pumping blood into the far corners of my body, making my limbs too heavy to move. But I want to leave so badly, with every part of my being, but the one. My heart still belongs here…even after all these years.
I don’t remember the last time I saw your face.
But I can tell you that I still hear your voice in my dreams. In the deepest of sleeps, you’re still alive inside of me, deep within the folds of my heart, the dark spaces of my imagination. You’re alive there, even though I know nothing of where you are in reality. I know nothing of you anymore. Maybe that’s for the better. Maybe. Maybe.
I can’t recall the first time that I heard time will make it better.
But I do know that my mom repeats it to me every Saturday when I go to visit her in that old house that’s fu
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 45 19
Birds on a Wire - Vinyl Record Painting by paperheartsyndrome Birds on a Wire - Vinyl Record Painting :iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 24 2 Vinyl Record Painting - Orange and Purple Tree by paperheartsyndrome Vinyl Record Painting - Orange and Purple Tree :iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 10 0 vinyl record painting - birds on a wire by paperheartsyndrome vinyl record painting - birds on a wire :iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 8 0 Vinyl Record Painting - Blue and Green Tree by paperheartsyndrome Vinyl Record Painting - Blue and Green Tree :iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 10 2 VInyl Record Painting - Copper and Red by paperheartsyndrome VInyl Record Painting - Copper and Red :iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 5 0 Vinyl Record Painting! by paperheartsyndrome Vinyl Record Painting! :iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 6 2
When I think about you, I remember it all wrong.
When I think of that first day, I will always remember the air as being too warm, and your clothes being wrinkled, your hair a complete mess. I remember how your nerves had your every sentence starting with “uhm” and how I hated indecisiveness and you couldn’t make up your mind, and I remember thinking I could do better without you. Now, I know that first impressions aren’t quite as important as they tell you every time you open that front door with your mismatched socks and complimentary sarcasm, armed with a crooked smile and bad grammar. Because if that were true, I would have said hello and goodbye in the same sentence. Hell, if that were true I never would have loved you.
It was September before you calmed down enough to look me in the eye when you were talking. My friends kept asking me why I wasting my time with you, but I knew there was something special hidden behind all your short sentences, wrapped inside the bundle of nerves that created you, that he
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 55 4
because love is a lesson in trial and error
I wish I had the words to tell you what I mean. I used to store sentences between my breaths – things that I couldn’t say at the moment, but wanted to remember. Now I can barely string together enough nouns and verbs to make you understand exactly what you mean to me. And I’m afraid.
I’m afraid that if I can’t get it together fast enough I’ll lose you. It’s like you're water slipping through my fingers and I’m not quick enough to chase you through the currents. I know enough to know that you’re wild and free in a way that I’ll never be and maybe I’m jealous of that. Or maybe I’m scared. Maybe I know that if I was somehow better or different that I’d have you in a way that no one else has even gotten you, and some days, I think I’ve made it. Some days, I’m sure that I don’t have to be afraid anymore, but then it’s three in the morning and I’m tossing and turning from the waves you
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 66 28
a lifetime of storms just to make things matter
It never rains like this where I’m from. It’s all or nothing there. Where the sky will split open for days, swallowing the continents, putting oceans where they used to rest. There, we were always just barely afloat, and I never learned how to swim.
Here, I feel like I can still breathe between the raindrops and I sit out on our back patio and let the water soak into my skin and wash away all my sins. I know I’m not who I thought I’d be five years ago, but it’s not enough just to wish you could change, sometimes you just have to accept the way things are. Except who you’ve become. Where you’ve come from.
It was the day after my twentieth birthday when I learned that my heart would skip beats when I saw his face. My pulse would start and stop and disappear. I was fading and sometimes, he would make my outlines clear again, bring back the contours and all my shades and shadows. Small smiles would be awarded, unfamiliar to my face. He was my angel
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 37 19
maybe you never belonged to me
I can still feel the weight of your lips on the curve of my collarbone. Sometimes, it feels paralyzing, crushing, absolute. Sometimes, it feels like home. Like everything.
I once heard that when you can't fall asleep it means you're awake in someone else's dream. I wonder which one of us was dreaming that night, because everything was too quiet, too easy, too perfect. You used to fall asleep next to me, your body curled against mine. It's a warmth that's not easy to forget. A hidden smile tucked into pillows and sheets. It's easy to think these things will last forever when you're tangled up together. For me, the strings of my life will always be tangled up in yours. Forever tied to you. No matter hard they attempt to fray. To fall apart. To sever.
It's snowing for the first time this year. Soft and gentle, glittering in the sunlight, falling in large flakes, easy and quiet nothing at all like the storm that rages inside of me, turning up the corners of my heart, throwing shrapnel
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 98 43
i'm not your symphony but i'm orchestrated anyways
it's not easy to explain --
but i'm a rushed symphony of heartbeats, quick breaths and hiccups. i'm not made of skin and bones, but a complicated sentence structure and thoughts that i spew out before i even finish them.
i'm messy in all the wrong ways.
and i'm not right in any of the ways that matter. but still you're always here, picking me up when i fall, kissing me goodnight, making a life with me one day at a time. and you haven't gone yet but i'm always moving so how long can you stay. how long can i expect it. how long is too long when you're living and loving and breathing and hell, if i can't stay still i'll mess this up for sure. i just need a minute, to think, to stop, to be. so i can be yours forever.
all i know is that i'm a constant frenzy -- a kaleidoscope of words and ideas and minutes and clumsy steps and i don't know what i'm doing, but i'm always shifting and moving and growing and going and going
and going and
going --
until i'm standing still again.
no one can stop
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 55 8
I'll never tell you -- you already know.
I remember in the beginning
there was just you and me
and heartbeats--
small intervals where the air would leap from my chest,
saying you leave me breathless will always be an understatement.
I wanted to kiss you before
I even knew you or knew the real you
but your untied purple chucks
had me even before your hello--
months later I realized that meant to be's aren't always
as silly as they used to be.
I've fallen in love with how
the palms of our hands match
the planes of our souls and
every time I loop my fingers
between yours we fall deeper--
If there was ever a time I should explain myself,
it's be right now, but I think you know--
I mean you should know--
How irreversibly far I've fallen
for you.
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 58 16
there's nothing that feels quite like this.
Maybe the problem is that I don't know what a love story should sound like. I haven't figured out what order I should put the words in to make it read just right. I do, however, know what it feels like, but pushing around nouns and adjectives just to make it grow is the hardest thing I'll ever do. And it's true that I've tried it before and maybe I succeeded once, but since then I've learned the way real love washes through veins, and rumbles through the shifting and settling of bones until it changes you completely in a way that is absolutely unyielding. Perfect. Simple. It's not angry, or jealous, it doesn't hurt. It isn't like before. So now words don't come so easy, since I'm not sure which ones will cheapening the moments, the feelings, you.
And god, I could never do that to you, since the only thing I know with completely certainty is that you are the only thing that saves me. That moves me. That completes me. Without you, I'd be less than nothing. Alone. Forgotten. It's e
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 57 17
these are my words and they are everything to me. please don't use them without my permission.

Random Favourites

Globe. by Rah-NoNameForMe Globe. :iconrah-nonameforme:Rah-NoNameForMe 33 26
little pig.
your eyelids were like a map of the milky way and I kept finding  myself lost. every time we kissed and you close your eyes, the milky way sucked me into a pool of unknown planets and beauty.
you make stars jealous.
your lips were like the ring orbiting a planet.
mine were the planet.
but your arms became a protective halo, wrapping me in a gorgeous glow.
you deserve the sun, so bright you have to look away, and a book on 100 ways to make you happy, and a voice to sing you a sugary lullaby with a melody made of your dreams.
but you’ve settled for me, who can give you a silent cold moon, and a book on 100 theories for evolution, and a voice to never lie.
and I hope that’s enough because
do you know how many times I’ve told you I love you?
I find myself studying the peaks and mountains of your feet and toes and I couldn’t be any happier; tracing your feet just makes me feel like we’ve bonded.
and your little pigs just make me smile.
before you, I was th
:iconsouprrman:SoUpRRmaN 20 56
Bittersweet Symphony _collab_
You are-
you are my world.
No matter
the amount of scars
you give me,
I always come running back
(your arms wide open).
Because I be(lie)ve
that you can change.
when we met i
remember seeing the
sunset in your eyes
and i remember immediately
giving myself away
(to you).
Your hands
run along my spine
and I hear you murmur,
"You're mine;
only mine."
And I know it's true;
because I've known you,
loved you,
I'll never be able to love another.
I gave you my heart and soul
(why haven't you given me yours?)
i feel my heart getting
heavy as we’re tangled
under sheets. you’re the sex
and the music.
as your stone-cold heart beats
those familiarly follow beats
i carefully listen.
and it's scenes like this that
will be the death of us.
I should know better,
I should walk (run) away from you
and the hurt and the lies and
the damn inconsistences
I guess I'm a sucker for pain
so keep dishing it,
I love it when you
tear me
:iconlosingmyfaith:losingmyfaith 25 34
I wait looking at your wandering eyes, the whirlpools for supernovas,
A glance from you is enough to shake the world,
All the planets force may resolve to take you, but it cannot keep you,
Your power beyond flight, beyond levitation, takes us, makes us breathless.
Your atmospheric luminescence flows from you,
In the dreamy tendrils of superfluous mist,
And your hand creates auroras of delight,
You draw from a palette of endless colourings with gumptious brandishment.
Allusive the universe glimmers beyond your reach,
Draws from you your only incredulity lost in formless words,
Your tongue drawing rasping joys over moistened lips,
Detached and endless from the stardust chains surrounding your heart.
Your ideas lay in graceful forms, flowing across galaxies,
Dance through silvered moonlight, and lie at the hearts of stars,
Spread through your aimless wanderings,
Will there ever be anywhere as perfect as you?.
:iconwombat-pentagram:Wombat-Pentagram 11 24
There's a brilliance in your eyes
that refuses to be put out like
there's uranium in my heart a
step away from spontaneously
igniting. I'm terrified of looking
into your eyes for we'd set off a
cataclysmic reaction and the
world will end with a single
It's daybreak and the sun's
approaching on your right. He's
brighter than ever with jealousy,
but honey, he's still got nothing
on you: he's a shadow beneath
the halation of your radiance
coloured soul.
You're solely responsible for
keeping my fragile life alive. We'll
walk hand-in-hand with feather-
light touches of now and forever.
There will come a day when I'll
glance into your sunstar eyes
with my heart in my throat and
we'll explode in a nuclear
supernova reaction. We'll burn our
image into the retinas of the
universe and those in search for
aestheticism will be looking for
our solar system.
:iconesotericheart:EsotericHeart 26 74
You write on the edges of
dreams and tangerine skies.
Nature shivers when your
fingers trail along sunsets
and treetops. There's nothing
that can stop you from flying,
and I hope that you never do.
The wings on your back have
been grown with feathers made
of early morning dewdrops and
rainbow-coloured clouds. They're
transilluminated and I swear I
can see eternity through them.
There are a hundred million
reasons why you shouldn't be
able to soar, but you only need
one excuse to defy gravity.
Would you mind terribly if I stole
your wings? I'd like to see what
tessellated perfections look like
from far away.
:iconesotericheart:EsotericHeart 27 59
Wait until tomorrow comes,
when moonbeams dance on silvered tiptoes
and stars live in the black spaces between your ribs
pushmumbling beneath your skin.
So that your secrets hidden in little known places,
will be lit by the moon boats casting anchor in the color of your eyes
and the glow of firefly comets drifting about your heart.
[or maybe a soul]
:icontheafterwhys:TheAfterWhys 27 38
her dream world was more real to her than our everyday one was to any of us - every morning she would tell stories of beetle-eye black gems, and dragons with glitter and malice in their scales, and snakelike rivers full of jumping glimmering silver fish, and open her rainbow-reef eyes wide, enthralling us all just enough to forget the harsh wind on our faces and hurt in our hearts.
the teachers had learned not to ask her to answer questions in class - she would smile her lazy summer smile and ask them a question right back. her voice would always lift at the end of a sentence, so no one could tell whether she wanted an answer; but everyone wanted to talk to her nevertheless- her tinkling laugh had a compelling quality that left everyone in a slight daze, just wanting to hear it
o n e   m o r e   t i m e
when she was angry, her eyes shone like two hard cold shards of fluorite, pulling in colour from her surroundings. her tiny frame seemed to shimmer like a
:iconinsideruby:insideruby 5 17
i'll see you soon
he rubs his eyes because they are
filled with glitter.
finally he can see clearly.
she is the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.
the one who's in the photographers lens
and ends up with a bullet in her heart.
this is the sad story that starts
with a start and
never has an end.
you are the human who is drowning in
a bath of sulfuric dreams and carbon wishes.
you've lost your trust.
you should have tied it up with string.
it is the piece of paper
scribbled with i love you's and i miss you's
and i wish you's.
the one that never gets delivered.
he is the boy with x-ray vision.
but he has seen too many hearts break.
she is the doll-faced girl with pretty hair
and a toothy grin.
her orthodontist said she'll need braces.
this is the time when we want
to realise whats happening to us.
but we just can't
you are the one who said you'd
never let go.
but you would never hold on too tightly.
it is now that i cant imagine you being
but you were never here
:iconpiratesdontcry:piratesdontcry 13 23
Five Black Feathers
I let the chain of the necklace slip from my grasp.
You made it for me; it became a parting gift.
Adorned with five black feathers:
One for me,
One for you,
One for us,
One for what we were,
One for what we could have been.
Part I.
I wonder if you ever cried yourself to sleep
and if you did, did the nights synchronize with mine?
Then I think: "of course he didn't; he's a boy".
Then I remember: "but he used to cry in front of me".
Then I say: "well he's a different person now".
At 11:11, I wish for what's good for me and nothing more.
Part II.
You put up a front every day.
One of levity and ambiguity for others,
one of cruelty and apathy for me.
Is this all an act?
Or is this a slate wiped clean?
If it is, I don't think we'll ever be alright.
Part III.
Sometimes, I remember the good things.
Sometimes, I remember the bad things.
Most of the time, I remember the little things.
I remember the freckle on your brow bone
and how delicately I would kiss the back of your neck.
I remem
:iconthe-sin-within:The-Sin-Within 3 2
One year and two months ago he handed her a gun and two bullets and said “Whenever you’re ready, just let me know”.
She laughed at him, thinking he must be joking, and ignoring the cold weight of it in her hands she asked,
“What’s the second bullet for?”
He never answered her.
“Tell me, when you’re ready.”  He said.
She followed the motion of his mouth and shaped his words against the back of her teeth, enjoying the taste. Then she let Logic cut out Tongue to keep Heart from saying something stupid, and sewed her lips shut so he wouldn’t see the blood dribble leak from her mouth and drip drop from the tips of her teeth.
“Ready?” He wrote.
She felt heart palpitate in abject rebellion, and with a sigh of exasperation, she let Logic reach for the letter opener on her computer desk and slip it between muscle and skin, to carve out Heart. Then Logic placed it next to the glowing screen to keep an eye on it, and i
:icontheafterwhys:TheAfterWhys 25 47
seven days.
she’s just a pile of white limbs passing out
on a red canvas of
bedsheets and broken bones and splintered hearts.

she wakes up with tear-streaked eyes and her window panes
clouded with broken promises.
she’d smile, but there’s no fixing
other people’s mistakes.
she decides that we all have twins living in an alternate dimension, and
whenever they do something terribly wrong we get punished here. it’s really
the only way to explain why things just can’t be fair.
she wouldn’t mind life being just a game of chance, if she had better luck.
she wonders if fake smiles can buy her way into hearts. she wonders
if smiles can buy anything, anymore.
she needs to stop complaining.
she falls asleep with no will to live, praying that god
please –ohpleasegod
erase her permanently.
the sun rises red with apathy and regret. if he was there
he would dry her tears and kis
:iconbing-bam-boom:bing-bam-boom 57 68
a hint
i wish you
came with context
little footnotes
trailing kite lines
from your
that could whisper
all the answers
my own
(dont roll your eyes
i know
youre flattered)
its the image
you crafted
finer points refined
no good concrete
melted one
red wine red!pucker faced ellipsis
into abstract
conceptual? you
are yes
(its what you wanted i
and its a helluva
youve birthed here
(C Section A for
one you know the
thrill seeking
(read: sunset sunrise upandawakers)
dance hall (archaic)
inside sunglass dark eyed
long nose bangsand
"this is a t-shirt"
friends Friends
eat your
mystery and eyeliner
with spoons big
enough for two
(you and me, baby!)
two theyre
all of them your
friends these
days these
boys like your
but probably all wish
they had your
fact not affecting that
theyll hear your
poetry all day
if it means they
can touch
all night
and three it makes you feel
pretty and fou
:iconpapercranemayhem:PaperCraneMayhem 3 1
hearts on notebook paper
today i drew a heart on a piece
of notebook paper, attempting to
be discreet so you wouldn't see
the anguish in my eyes for every time you
smiled at another girl.
(because the world gets so clear
when i look in your eyes, and i
disintegrate when i don't.)
melatonin won't help me
sleep and cleanse my mind of you.
ritalin won't help me concentrate and
block out the image of your eyes.
(the colour of the sky
before it fades into night, enough to
make any unscathed heart rip open.)
i once dreamt that we stood on top
of the eiffel tower and you
wiped the tears from my face, and
every drop formed into a heart
on your fingertips. we learned the
language of romance; eloquence
falling from our lips as all of paris
painted red hearts on their easels.
i have grown tired of being discreet. the
way you say my name differs from the
way that other people say it. the smoke
from our cigarettes lingers above us
like an incomplete sentence;
the words we want to say.
(if you loved me, you
:iconmaniasdoor:maniasdoor 20 23


All I can remember thinking is "how did we end up here?" as I stared up at the too bright sky, letting the sun imprint itself into my vision, in the hopes that I'd be just blind enough to not have to see the look on your face when I finally got up the courage to tilt my eyes from the sky back to yours.

It felt like it had been decades since we met on this beach. Honestly, it felt like it had been centuries. I could barely remember what you smile first looked like, but I know it was so much bigger than it is now. The only thing I have left is the smell of laundry detergent on your fade t-shirts and the aftertaste of summer on your skin. I know that a love story is always so much better than reality, and I know that the beginning will always outshine the ending, but I thought I'd be able to handle things better than this.

I was blinking sun shaped dots out of my eyes, but I could still see the look of dismay on your face. Or bewilderment or disgust or maybe it was just confusion. I didn't know how to read your emotions at that point. I still don't.

You were sucking your bottom lip in and out of your mouth, the way you do when you're nervous. I used to think it was charming. But I realized it was actually more off-putting and I wanted to look away again. And then you inhaled uneasily, almost like you were in pain. Almost like it was work to breathe, to be near me, to speak. I started to wonder what the point of this was. Neither of us wanted to be here. It was a reminder of just how much we had completely failed ourselves. It was a reminder that everything ends. Whether it's beautiful. Or good. Or completely ugly. Or any adjective in between. Not everything is as black and white as we want to pretend.

The tide rolled in. The beach here is always littered with trash. I used to drag you here with me to combed the shores for sea glass like it was treasure, but I think the honest truth of the matter is I just liked believing that something beautiful could come out of complete garbage. I liked to think about how the waves and rocks wore down the sharp edges, buffed the surfaces, made something out of nothing. I'd throw back the too sharp pieces, giving them the opportunity to be molded into something better. I wish I could throw you back out to sea. I wish the waves and time would wear you down to something smoother, something I could come back for, since I wasn't quite ready to let you go. Some things in life should come with a warning.

There should have been red lights flashing the day I met you. There should have been sirens. I should've turned around and gone back to bed. My mom always tells me to never regret the things that made you happy, but I can't help, but feel sorry that you ever walked into my life. It's more painful to watch you go than to have never know you existed in the first place. It'd be easier if I hated you, but I don't.

I think of all the ways things could have ended up different. I could've walked right by you on the lakeshore that morning. It was cold and windy, and I almost talked myself out of going more than once, but I loved that beach. It was hard to stay away when I had a free moment. There was something about the water there that sang to me, that reeled me in -- I think you felt the same way. I didn't stay home. I didn't walk by you. I remember the way you were standing there, somewhat wistful, quiet, happy. It made me want to talk to you. I'm in the habit of making split second decisions so I never thought twice when I walked up to you and destroyed both our lives with a single syllable. From that moment on, nothing would ever be the same for either of us again.

Whirlwind loves sound more romantic than they are in real life. In reality, they rip through you like a tornado. They tear apart your heart, ravish your thoughts, throw everything you've ever know about the world up in the air and let it fall scattered across your life. You wake up in the morning with windburn on your cheeks and disheveled hair and you wonder how you survived another night of that. You don't smile when you think back on it. Yeah, you wish it could have been different, that you could've been good for each other, because it's true to say that we loved each other fiercely. We still do. That's what makes this harder. That's why all the alarms should have sounded.
Throw me out to sea
This is a part of something larger. Part two may come soon :)
"After all these years, I still haven't grown up. 

The sky is angry in these too early hours of the morning. The clouds are rolling across the sky, quick and fierce, as if they are running away from something. Maybe they're trying to get away from me. I'm still a natural disaster in a way I shouldn't be. I'm still wind blown, indecisive, messy, a spark if lightning on a perfect day. I'm still all the things I should no longer be by now. I had such high expectations. After awhile, you learn that you can let anyone down -- even yourself."

I wish I wrote like I used to. That may be one of my biggest regrets at the moment. Hoping to change it.

I miss this. How have all you been? I've had an insanely awesome year -- bought a house, adopted the best dog ever, and married the love of my life!


Artist | Literature
United States
i'm extraordinarily ordinary.


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